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Brian Wilson is in the building….


Its always a reassuring venture to watch your idols talking about their music and their bands in interviews. Its a really good way of inspiring yourself and learning how they write songs, what kind of shades they enjoy wearing and also how they conduct their interviews…here are a few I’ve been checking out this week…

Brian Wilson in a random interview about a new ‘beach boys’ album….its funny how people always want to know ‘is this the new direction’ or ‘can we expect more like this from you’ and he’s like, mmmm we just did it really, got into the vibe, and made it happen, dunno if the next one will sound like that…legend!

Lou Reed comes across a bit f**king harsh in interviews, but he is definitely the coolest guy in the room everytime….not the warmest of gentleman but a true rock star…

For those with a little bit more time on their hands: enter the mad world of Captain Beefheart – its in 6 parts, but you can find the other parts after clicking on this link….


We will have the artwork and logo for the single ready by the end of this week, and we are really excited about sharing this with you. We have a million and one remixes that we will unleash in a timely fashion….look out for more details on this soon….


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