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Eastern Sun


The Eastern Sun

“When we say sun here, we mean the sun of human dignity, the sun of human power. The Great Eastern Sun is the rising sun rather then setting sun, so it represents the dawning, or awakening of human dignity–the rising of human warrior ship. Synchronizing mind and body brings the dawn of the Great Eastern Sun.”

-Chögyam Trungpa

The ideas behind our new song centre around this feeling of discovery, hope, understanding, of reaching out to grab life, but sometimes being dissolutioned with how things really are. Its also about questioning modern life, and also the chorus is about feeling that dead heroes are still alive, around us, looking down on us.

“I’m looking up to the Eastern Sun

Wondering what I’ve become

The stars are looking down tonight,

Are we the only ones,

No no no, we’re not the only ones,


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