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Snow, Sun, and Stones


Ok, so lets rewind to Friday night – Cargo, East London.

The evening begins with a funky DJ playing tripped out Jazz Fusion weirdness in the garden providing a surreal warm-up to the main event, an event of uplifting, life-affirming proportions!!! We played 7 tracks before Miike Snow – the crowd really warmed to us… and it really felt like everything came together. We kind of through ourselves in at the deep end with regards to playing live – after we’d only been playing together a matter of weeks – and its been a case of trial and error and just running on the energy of the tracks, and the chemistry between all of us in the band. The crowd were great

Miike Snow totally blew everyone away – the percussionist was amazing, and the whole band were just really intense performers. They came out with white masks for the intro, and then took them off in unison – looked great – wished we’d thought of it!

Then it was taxi home, sleep and dreams of beaches and sun. We made those dreams come true on Sunday, with myself and Luke finding ourselves in Brighton for a day or so, armed with shorts and a tent. we swam, we ate chips and we mused.

Now we are regrouping and thinking of logo’s and artwork for our first single release, and preparing for our show at the Fishmarket on Sunday, in Northampton for the GRAND MASKED BALL .

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