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Wanted to let you know what really gets us going!


When we can’t bare to analyze another pop song, or listen to something that sounds ‘achievable’, its all about Miles Davis! Listening to Jazz for us is like medicine. You can’t really pick it apart, you just have to sit back and enjoy it! Bitches Brew is a real winner! You can check out his entire back catalogue here.


Oh no, another bunch of white boys who idolize Bowie – you might say! But no, we love the era in which a lot of critics turned their back on him – Let’s Dance, Modern Love, China Girl – CLASSICS!

Great basslines – and lyrics like – ‘Under the moonlight – the SERIOUS moonlight’ – He pulls lyrics off that no-one else could, and as soon as he opens his mouth he sounds devastatingly cool!

Luke is Partial to The Doors, Hendrix and Pink Floyd…but i’ll let him discuss that….but for now…

we are into the studio tomoro with Twins recording our first single Out Of Time – 10.30am…and we will only leave when we are done!

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