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So its been a whil since we wrote anything on here, and lots of stuff has happened. We have played 4 shows over the past week….

Roadmender in Northampton was a great gig, really natural vibe and everyone was enjoying themselves! The room was pretty full and we played a new song and rearranged the set a little. We are working on our next batch of demo’s at the moment and over the next few weeks you will hear some of these on the myspace. We are also deciding who to record our first single with, or whether we should record it ourselves – I think we might try it ourselves first and see if it works – we’re pretty confident it might! But we also have some cool producers interested, and it  a tough decision as to what to do about it…

Monday night we playe at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch with a couple of other bands. A band called Radiant Dragon were insane. Two guys – one drummer and a front person who had all these mad effects linked to his guitar and vocals. It was like a 30 minute jam – only certain people would be able to pull it off…they did…an acquired taste but people seemed to be loving it!

Then on Thursday we played YoYo at Notting Hill arts club to a very eclectic crowd. Its a club night where 3 different acts open the night every week. The music policy is equally as eclectic as the crowd and the night was wicked. Our performance was rated as one of our best by us anyway….ha….maybe that had something to do with the pre-show glass of wine! Came off stage buzzing, I love that feeling!

Now we have 2 weeks until our next show in the meantime we are busy creating….

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