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Instead of showing you a video of our new street, picture this:  A large bay window, an grand old church just opposite us, tree’s, sunlight, girls, boys, people – wandering by – Prince, Michael Jackson and Bowie providing the soundtrack to what has been our first week in West London.

We have been sitting on the window ledge and dreaming, watching the girls go by and writing late into the night…..It feels good!

“I knew from the first time, you spoke of paradise, I thought to myself, this girl is something else.

Always Remember, Always Remembering, Those works unspoken, Always remember, always remembering You.”

We are working on new songs at the moment, of which you will get a taste of at the next few shows.

I feel like ‘Rockley Road’ is our ‘Edith Grove’ (Jagger/Richards redidence) although I’m not sure if they actually shared a room! We are definitely making sacrifices there..but up until now…no arguments have occurred apart from one concerning Britney Spears, but we quickly patched that one up over a glass of fruity white wine. I’m not sure if the neighbours think we are in some kind of homosexual relationship, as it probably does look a little odd from the outside.

As insurance is too high, and the locks are only so secure, if there are people around the front of the house when we leave we tend to shout back to either ‘John’, ‘Phil’, or ‘Martin’, all of whom are fictitious, but provide virtual security for the flat whilst we are out. It’s new, it’s modern and it works.

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  1. 07/14/2009 11:53 AM

    Awww, how sweet, is that why you’re sooo busy? 😀 It’s all good, can’t wait to hear the new material!

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