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Another trip to the ‘BLOGOSPHERE’…

Just been listening to these guys – – they have a wicked energy and an evil way with a hook.

“Composers shouldn’t think too much it interferes with their plagiarism.”

How to stop thinking….(John Hill) –

Over the years I have often wondered how the stop thinking and after reading the Ekhart Tolle book The Power of Now I realized that by stopping the thought process I can get much more done in less time and have more peaceful periods to myself when I don’t think. Often by thinking too much we end up thinking ourselves into negativity and away from productivity. I found as I got a grip on the concept of how to stop thinking so much I would just start doing some of the things I once felt I needed to think about before I started to do. Let me give you a simple example. You are living in a high rise apartment and realize you have run out of milk for your morning breakfast cereal on your only day off this week. So you start thinking about having to get dressed, catching the elevator to the bottom floor, going for a walk to buy the milk, you think about the fact it has also started to rain and then you decide you just couldn’t be bothered and you will miss breakfast all together. However in the back of your mind you can’t relax because you are hungry and finally after a couple of wasted hours you finally decide to go and get the milk and eat breakfast. If you had given it no thought at all and simply got dressed and gotten the milk you would have started your day on a more positive note.

Problem solved?  I’ll have to think about that…

We all need ways to escape…. – this is one way!…


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