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and, WE’RE ON….


Can anyone tell me how to turn my brain off??!!


There is a feeling of expectancy in the air – waiting, hoping, predicting….”Fantasy Love is much better than Reality Love. Never doing it is exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet”. –

 Who said that? So does that mean that we are all destined to a life where our fantasies excite more than our realities – the idea of doing something is better than doing it! So why do ANYTHING? Lets just all just sit in a dark room, eyes closed, mind on, settle back with a nice stiff drink and dream our lives away! Sounds like a PLAN!

Well we are about to Embark on a trip to Bedsit land – huh! Romantic, Idealistic, exciting, and cold – together – 25 hours a day! for how long? mmmmm, well who knows….PRODUCTIVE thats what we need to be, nay reproductive…. Run for the hills, because thats the only place you can go now, you’ve said too much, and done too little – now RUN. …! – spinetinglingly…GOOD! loud!

We are going to document our time spent creating the next few NewIslands tracks – we have so many ideas….how do we get them all in? where do they all fit? we have been finding inspiration in the weirdest places – a book called THE VALLEY OF VISIONS by Arthur Bennett – “I have a wild heart, that cannot be tamed”…..its good enough for Bowie….

My most listened to artists of last week are – Faust, crocodiles and soft cell – gotta keep the pop in there somewhere….POp s brilliant – the term pop is overused at the moment – like saying ‘ I love you’ to someone you’ve been seeing for three months – ‘the honey moon period’! ….its OVer

broken links and over thinks….

‘you can lead or you’ll be following…’ next week it really BEGINS…the newphase!


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